Central Vacuum Systems

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NuTone’s Central Vacuum System is the quietest and most powerful cleaning system that does more than just clean floors. It enhances your home’s environment by improving indoor air quality while providing exceptionally clean carpets in addition to cleaning other surfaces. NuTone’s Central Vacuum System is a quick, effective and quiet way to remove dust and allergens from your home with minimal effort.

Unbeatable power. Unbeatable value.

A typical upright vacuum can cost between $200 – $500 and will last three to four years. Many homeowners have owned their NuTone Central Vacuum system for 15-20 years or more. NuTone not only provides you the power of the suctioning central unit, but also the resistant vacuum accessories to get the job done now and for years to come.

Create a healthy, dirt-free environment for your family.

The suction air used by a NuTone Central Vacuum system is vented to the outdoors. Uprights and other systems re-circulate the suction air back into the room, leaving billions of microscopic particles to settle on surfaces or to be inhaled by you and your family. With HEPA filtration and anti-stick technology, dust and bacteria are trapped in the bag. NuTone Central Vacuums give your home and your family a clean and healthy environment.

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